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Two Explorer Yachts, Two Design Philosophies.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Naval Yachts have a new engineer on staff and they have set to on their CAD system. He's been familiarizing himself with it's intracies and at the same time understanding how the XPM Explorer Yacht range is developing with time.

Hull No 1 (Mobius) is now out on her journey around the Greek Isles last I heard. Hull No 2 (Vanguard) is scheduled for completion in April 2023. Both follow the same basic philosophy of high length-to-beam ratio resulting in low power requirements and extreme range. Both benefit from very substantial scantlings and the same outlook of equipment supporting self-sufficiency. At his point, the designs begin to diverge, reflecting the owner's differing requirements. The policy of Naval Yachts welcomes owner input. Their prices are very cost effective but still represent a big investment. Being able to bring the owner's unique perspective to life is a serious advantage. Let us have a look at how they are specified.

XPM Explorer Yachts: The Commonality

Underwater shape, length to beam ratio, aluminum hull construction over code requirements. Simple control functions, design for short-handed operation, and large solar arrays. Mooring gear for both is Maxwell with a large Rocnor or similar main anchor. The hull can be lifted via strops of built-in lifting points. Both hulls have full function MFD to helm and flybridge, Radar, AIS, and FLIR.

XPM-78 Explorer Yacht Mobius

Mobius was designed with an owner cabin and additional office. There is a large basement for electrical and battery systems cited under the saloon. Propulsion is a single 160bhp Gardner diesel engine fed through a reduction gearbox and controllable pitch propeller. A reliable choice, very simple mechanicals. Single rudder with fully redundant drive system. Stabilization uses paravanes deployed when needed. The battery system is a significant carbon foam bank fed via rugged high, capacity alternators and an additional large solar array. The expectation is extended self-sufficiency at anchor using solar only. The flybridge roof will lower to reduce air draft when needed; think "great Loop" or "hurricane!" Hull is bare marine grade aluminum following a commercial practice.

XMP-78 Explorer Yacht Vanguard

Vanguard is the second in the series and will accommodate a family. Three cabins in total with the salon lifted 300mm compared to Mobius. A partial bulwark reduces visible heights and helps dry the deck(er). The saloon is 1000mm longer, as is the roof over the aft deck. The flybridge roof also extends an additional 1000mm. These three larger structures allow a helpful increase in solar capacity. Engines are two by John Deer 160bhp each with its independent electric hybrid drive giving 100% propulsion redundancy and a considerable charging capacity. Twin independent, fully redundant rudders provide full Dynamic Positioning. All batteries are LiPO, with a total of 140kWh installed. Stabilizers are folding zero-speed Magnus effect units. A painted marine grade aluminum hull; the Admiral insisted against the Captains' objections!

Each XPM 78 Explorer Yacht reflects the owners' preferences and experiences. There is no right or wrong, better or worse, no judgment. Whatever your own personal preferences Naval Yachts may just be able to come up with something unique for you.

Baris Dinc - Naval Yachts

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