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Leaving the USA - Launch Day of our Explorer Yacht Approaches

The frequency of these Blogs has lately been reduced because we are packing our family to move to a temporary circumstance near the facilities of Navakl Yacht in Turkey. Vanguard is nearing completion, and we must make a thousand different decisions between the chaos of now and her final solidified form. The preliminary design was confirmed long ago, each decision now being minor. More of the type that correctly places a socket or hangs a cold, wet lifejacket clear of the worktop.

From the first hull to Explorer Yacht, launch day approaches.

We will arrive at the yard soon as launch day for our explorer yacht approaches. I will arrive on the 7th with Sebrina and our son, followed by the 15th of June. More to come in the following weeks. We started this particular journey 4 years ago.

This is the first design we looked at, ClassicPilot 55 from Performance Classic Yachts. It has a limited cruising range, but I thought rather pretty. Sebrina is claustrophobic; thus, the end of that avenue and a different journey lay ahead.

Venturing out searching for a yacht suitable to take us where we wanted. In that journey, we adjusted our expectations (and budget!) and realized that what we wanted was rarely available. They no longer make the FPB 70, and the existing ones are beginning to age sans an expensive refit. So we decided to procure our own version. There are now three XPM hulls, of which we are the second to launch. (two by XPM-78 and one by XPM-85)

Moving to Antalya for the final build schedule

Leaving a comfortable existence is easier said than done. You sever the ties of familiarity to follow through on the planned promise of a few years. There is a sense of loss and trepidation, yet a small choice but to step forward into the unfamiliar and unknown. This is how every adventure starts. The enjoyment is in the delivery and the savoring in the relaxation of hindsight. This is us right now. An apartment in Antalya (expect about $6000 monthly), a bicycle ride from the Yard of Naval Yachts. A lot more expensive than when we first visited, but we are now joined by many Russians with their husbands and Ukrainians with their grandmothers. The war to the north has long tentacles in these parts.

What you get for quite a lot of $$ is an apartment in Antalya, a short bicycle ride from the Yard of Naval Yachts

Tender nears completion

June will see Vanguard near completion. Our tender will also be completed in June, with her factory acceptance test at Habekke Shipyard towards the end of the month. So July is the month of shipyard commissioning, then owner acceptance testing mixed in with our first sea trials, and the learning curve rises upwards.

A peek at our tender now nearing completion at Habbeke Shipyard, more in a later blog.


I find myself in my early 60s; 47 years ago, I ran off to sea, leaving home in North Wales, and here I am again, leaving home again to go to sea again. I have become the lyrics to a Dolly Parton song.

Chris Leigh-Jones

I came across this video recently, sent by my Youtube friend John Johnson. I'm assuming it illustrates the perils of unattended autopilot. I've also heard of people believing GPS works like Radar, not so.

Is anyone ever really that stupid on purpose?

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