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Welcome to "In The News" – The Media Spotlight on Motor Yacht 'Vanguard'

Embark on a virtual tour through the lens of the media as we showcase Motor Yacht 'Vanguard' in all her splendor. This page is your gateway to a curated collection of videos featured on YouTube, each telling a unique story of 'Vanguard'.


From her majestic launch to the numerous voyages across the globe, 'Vanguard' has captured the imagination of enthusiasts, experts, and storytellers alike. These videos offer an exclusive glimpse into what makes 'Vanguard' a subject of fascination and admiration in the yachting world.


Whether it's a detailed tour of her state-of-the-art features, coverage of her journeys to breathtaking destinations, or insights into the life on board, each piece of media here adds a chapter to the ongoing story of 'Vanguard.'


So, set sail with us through this visual journey and experience the essence of 'Vanguard' as seen through the eyes of the world.

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Discover the Ultimate Explorer: The XPM 85 Yacht Now Available.

Hull number 1 of the XPM 85 long-range explorer yacht is now on the market. Initially built for a U.S. client who opted for sailing, this vessel, with its all-aluminium hull and superstructure, is halfway through its 2 to 2.5-year build. 


It's an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in the celebrated FPB78, offering similar advantages in performance and customisation but with the added allure of a brand-new build.

Following the footsteps of the first two XPM 78 hulls, Mobius and Vanguard, Hull No. 1 of the XPM 85 enhances these designs with her additional underwater volume. 

[CLICK HERE] to find out more!

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