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Progressing an Explorer Yacht Tender for Our Vanguard Yacht

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Today was a good day on the production Gaant Chart. We placed our order for a yacht Tender Davit with FEM in Italy and received the first photographs of the Tender itself under construction at Habbeke Shipyard in the Netherlands. So two stage gates have now been passed to our completed yacht.

I have covered the thought process for our Tender in previous Blogs (below), so there is no point in repeating that process, and instead, this Blog will be mainly visual.

Habbeke has enquired about the equipment specification currently sitting in Turkey awaiting installation. They will helpfully pre-cut holes and fitting locations for us. We opted for OMS Marine in Turkey to supply, install and commission all navigation equipment for Vanguard and our Explorer Yacht Tender. The reasoning was to ensure performance before acceptance, and we have a local expert on hand in case of issues.

We also sent the specification to Magnus Day at Eyos Expeditions for his feedback on the final outfitting. So far, it's "best guess," and that's probably insufficient. I'll report on his feedback in a later blog.

Scheduled Tender completion is 12 weeks from today. Have a nice day all!

Chris Leigh-Jones

We have designed both Vanguard and her Tender to operate on marine diesel fuel. I have a vision of my 12 year old son last year with a can of gasolin walking towards a bonfire. I tell you even old guys can move fast. No harm happened but some visions haunt us.

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