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Preparing for Explorer Yacht Vanguard Launch Day

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

I spent an hour yesterday writing another equipment blog, then it dawned on me that it may be becoming a little monotonous, so I decided to change it up a little. So in that light, what do we have coming up in the next few months?

Explorer Yacht Vanguard Launch Calendar: March

March sees a continuation of the build. The saloon design is now contracted; the remaining design element is the central helm station, which is currently in play. The carbon fiber tender crane is on order, and the tender itself has started

construction at Hebbeke Shipyard in the Netherlands, with cut plates arriving last week. All-access holes are cut for the 6.5kW solar panel installation. We designed panels with wire connections on the underside for a clean finish, but this needs care during the installation. A pantograph door opening also exists for the helm station, Port side.

Vanguard Launch: April

April, we will again make our way to Antalya to inspect progress and discuss what work needs completion before our scheduled Vanguard launch date of May (?).

The big news is that Magnus Day from Eyos Expeditions will accompany us for the trip. Eyos are the premier adventure planning and execution company for the yachting industry, specializing in high latitudes are remote locations sailing routes.

They have graciously agreed to review the fit-out during Vanguard's final months and assist in voyage planning and provision of the specialized crew as needed. Magnus has extensive experience sailing in higher latitudes, experience gained mostly on small vessels sub 50m. It is probably true that we can all eventually master any skill set before us, but it's also true that time limits those skills we eventually master. Given the voyages we envisage, my wife and I are in that category and are very reassured to have such additional assistance. I have replicated a Resume for Magnus and Eyos at this blog's base.

April will also see the final mechanical installations and hull painting; we will report on that later in the month.

Explorer Yacht Vanguard Launch Date: May

So far, at least, May is scheduled for the Vanguard launch date. That does not mean Vanguard will be ready, as we have an additional 30-45 days of sea trials and adjustments before we finally cut the cord. We will also use that time for crew familiarisation, especially for my family. We will engage the services of Halcyon Yacht Deliveries, who have agreed to provide two crew for the initial voyage from Antalya to Southampton, UK.

Before venturing, we anticipate docking at Berthon International in Lymington for an engine oil change and general maintenance. Where "onwards" will depend upon the date. Essentially, there are two choices: north about the USA via Iceland or South about via the Canaries in a similar route undertaken by hull No 1 Mobius operated by Wayne and Christine. Photo acknowledgement Halcyon Yacht Deliveries.

Our launch day is approaching, bringing the realization that the build process will be over, and it will be time to have some fun. The build has been fascinating and required reaching beyond our comfort zone; at least, that will not change!

Chris Leigh-Jones

Our hard-won knowledge is gained through decades of exploring the world's most remote cruising areas. The contacts we have made along the way are an asset to any vessel setting off into the wilderness.

EYOS designs once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We represent a worldwide network of travel and marine specialists with experience and expertise that leaves virtually none of the globe unknown.

Photo Backnlowdgement EYOS Expeditions, North West Passage.

Magnus Day has been working and traveling on boats from 40-185ft in the Arctic and Antarctic every year since 2005.

He is best known for his long-term involvement with Skip Novak's Pelagic Expeditions. He now runs High Latitudes, a company consulting yacht owners and captains on vessel choice, modification, refit, permitting, crewing, and logistics for both polar regions.

Magnus provides Ice Pilotage skills sailing superyachts through EYOS and owns the expedition yacht Baltazar, which is available for exciting projects worldwide.

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