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Antalya to Didim - the first 260NM in our Explorer Yacht

Updated: 4 days ago

As we embark on this sea trial, we do so with a vessel that is now seaworthy and backed by good MCA Cat (0) survey results. Despite the summer season's lack of marina space, we have decided to conduct a sea trial. At the same time, underway, a move we believe will prove beneficial as it avoids some more nasty weather heading to Antalya.

Our first trip, a 33-hour run, will take us 260 NM from Antalya, west along the Turkish coast, to Didim (Bodrum). Steaming through the night, we will remain close to the coast, ensuring help is readily available if needed.

Antalya to Didim on our explorer yacht

A callout here for Akan Dumrul our owner rep. He really pulled out the stops to make this happen in a quick time line.

Explorer Yacht Delivery
Antalya to Didim. 260NM 30 hours.

What are the headlines so far

  • 1730 RPM, 60% load available at this speed, two engines, 10.4kN Speed Through Water. OK, for starters.

  • Estimated fuel consumption around 2l/NM (from JD performance curves, 2x15l/h*60%/10.4kN - see Note below)

  • 2' slight sea state, quartering on the bow. Stabilizers housed, HVAC off, batteries full.

  • Fluids in heavy "Departure" condition. 90% fuel, 70% water.

  • Drives and transmission well within operating temp limits. The sea is warm @ 24deg.C, and the weather is hot 40deg.C

Note—the Praxis Automation engine display the load vs. the maximum load available at that RPM. It does not show the percentage of maximum load per se. The reasoning is that with a hybrid, it's useful to know what capacity remains for charging the batteries or driving two props on one engine. (We took the power curve fuel consumption from JD performance data and applied 60% to get a first-order fuel consumption estimation.)

Caveat -

  • Instruments not yet trusted, SOG on GPS 9.4kN.

  • Fuel consumption must be calculated over a longer period based on actual volumetric measurements.

What do we need to complete?

  • Engines still need final commissioning; we will restrict maximum revs to 1800 until that happens.

  • Furuno Autopilot needs commissioning. It's OK for a short run, but we need that for longer trips.

  • There is a troubling fresh water leak behind the aft cabin shower. We now know exactly where it is and plan to fix it. The worst that will happen is an occasional bilge alarm, so it's not a safety issue.

  • A couple of watertight hatches still leak and will need attention.

  • I need to get the cushions cleaned before Sebrina sees them (oops).

We will stay a few weeks in Didim to finish the outstanding tasks, then have the final MCA Survey having (hopefully) addressed any previously identified issues (more on that in the next Blog).

Chris Leigh-Jones

P.S. One of the two FPB70s is for sale in Calfornia. The FPB70 and XPM 78 are similar in terms of size and potential performance. As the Brokerage has included some performance data, I'll also write about it in the next Blog.

Lastly - I think we just saw our first storm, tied up tightly to the quayside of Setur Marina in Antalya. My son, Jeff, runs Polus Yacht deliveries, his hat went walkabouts!

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