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XPM - Explorer Yachts from Naval Yachts are capable, brutally rugged, well-equipped motor yachts designed for short-handed operation. Extreme range, low draft, self-righting capabilities, and fully redundant commercial equipment specification for exploring places unreachable with standard production yacht designs. Certified to CE Class A or UK MCA Category (0), these yachts will capably take you anywhere or that your insurance will cover!

True Explorer Yacht and Passagemaker designs from Artnautica

As of 2023, 14 motor yachts designed by Artnautics brand are sailing or under construction to LRC and XPM specifications. These exploration yachts have been delivered from the Netherlands, Turkey, and New Zealand ship yards.

LRC range is the passagemaker of the portfolio. Rugged simplicity, low fuel consumption, extended range allied with self-righting capability, and low draft for exploring those small summer islands and inlets. Sleek and clean internal designs compliment the overall useability. LRC designs are built by best in class builders in the Netherlands and New Zealand.


XPM concept is the true explorer yacht of the portfolio. Arguably the strongest and most capable build specification of any expedition trawler you can buy on market today. Their massive construction and specifications are remarkable, one of the best explorer yacht designs classified to MCA Category (0). XPM designs can take you anywhere your curiosity or insurance will consider. These extreme long range vessels are built by the Turkish boat builder Naval Yachts.

Expert Small Exploration Vessel Builders by Artnautica
Vanguard In Shed 2.jpg

After an extensive design process, the XPM-78 motorboat was unveiled in 2016, showcasing its distinctive and innovative features. Two XPM-78 yachts have been delivered, each with different design options.

Arctic with XPM 85 Expedition Charter Adventure Ships

The XPM-85 extreme range boat emerges as a natural progression of the XPM-78 yacht, offering the owner an array of enhanced layout choices with 3 and 4-cabin options, including crew facilities, making her suitable for chartering.

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LRC 58 Explorer Yacht

The LRC-58 yacht is a forward-thinking passagemaker highlighting its distinct design and fuel efficiency. Its unique hull design features a sleek profile, maximizing waterline length while maintaining an efficient interior volume.

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LRC 65 Explorer Yacht

The LRC-65 and XPM-65 bridge the gap between the LRC-58 and the XPM-78. Available in two versions, the LRC-65 has the attributes of long-range, economic construction, rugged simplicity, and short-handed operation.

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