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Who is building explorer yachts?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We will constrain this blog to a type of hull that is long and narrow, high L/B ratio, or however you wish to describe the parameter.  I typically say it’s a yacht with the keel cut off; that seems to work for the visuals.  Sailing yachts need to minimize hull resistance to be useful; motor yachts typically just fit more significant engines or develop a semi-planing design. Not so these high L/B designs but more on that later.    I’ll focus here on Yards that build or intend to develop series production rather than the odd one-off. 

If you want to own an example of the FPB, most successful range built to date well you will not be able to buy a new one. You will though be able to find a number of good used examples and the best place to start is with Sue Grant at Berthon International who represents the design (Sue Grant Here is a video of their largest example currently for sale.

Launching their new 24M design at Circa Marine in NZ. Credit

The motherload of production centers for these yachts has been Circa Marine in New Zealand .  I believe they built all the FPB designs and are now building to their own design, being a 24m Explorer.   So if in that part of the world, then have a look at a firm that knows their business intimately.

You will also find Dickey Boats ( building an LRC58, 58-foot yacht to Artnautica Yacht Design ( which is seen as refreshingly practical and clean. The LRC58 is customized to the owner’s requirements, one, two, or three cabins, additional insulation, one or two engines, different cabin layouts…

LRC58-01 Koti was built by the designer Dennis Harjamaa himself

Europe has been less productive, but some exist.   Dutch yards like Steeler, Van Nunen, or Aluboot have made multiple long thin hulls that fall into this category, though typically with higher installed power than most. Today Aluboot has built one single-engine LRC58-03, Britt, currently for sale ( And the second twin-engine LRC58-05 Aldania was launched in April 2021.

Credit Arksen 85 hull being turned.

More latterly, Isle of White Shipyards has begun production of the Arksen 85 for its designer, Arksen ( The first 85 hull is now well into production (May 2021). Currently, 3 boat sizes have been announced at 65/75/85 feet. They are bidding to hold top spot in the clever Explorer Motor Yacht world; they may well get there. 

XPM78-001 Mobius shortly after launching. Credit

On the borders of Europe lies Turkey, with a plethora of yards.  We are working with Naval Yachts with their XPB 78, also designed by Artnautica.  Vanguard will be hull No 2 in their production, hull No 1 being Mobius launched Q1 2021 (see blog 

The US has its own slant on this, though, as, with the Dutch yards, they tend to use higher powers.  Check out Metal Shark,    Oh my, what big boys toys with those “50 Cal” on the foredeck!  Finally – I’ve left this one for last it’s not really a fit, but I love the site.   Made in Finland, honestly the coolest boats I’ve seen and refreshingly different.  Axopar –

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