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Vanguard Explorer Yacht - What's in a Name?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

A friend asked me a few days back, why name our explorer yacht Vanguard?

Well, I’m a firm believer that we can all use Google, so there is no point in regurgitating an academic paper about the Norse origins or various meritorious Royal Navy ships carrying that name, or whatever else Google may serve up.

In the last ¼ of my life, temptation steers me to reflect often upon the first 1/4. That fuzzy careless time when the world was black and white and Top of The Pops presenters were innocent public figures. I also remember the smell of the odd new carpet as I played with my Triang or Dinky or Match Box toys I kept in an old biscuit tin under my bed. Small bedroom, Dad made me a ship's bunk, kind of hinting at my later life really.

A model of an Explorer Yacht on the flag
Explorer yacht model

So given she had a long, low and fast, mean-looking hull, and given I always like the name Vanguard and given “Vikings” is a good series on HBO I can relate to. "Vanguard" is the name she got.

And then my wife, Sebrina ageed! Simple!

Chris Leigh-Jones

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