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The Owner Representative and our Explorer Yacht at Naval Yachts

In this Blog, I'd like to introduce Akan Dumrul. Akan was recommended to us by our MCA Surveyor, Joe Rowles, and has become a friend over the time we have worked together.

Akan is our Owners' Rep at the yard, our eyes and ears on the ground, and our representative with the yard when we are absent. He is Turkish; like many of us, he has spent his life wandering this planet.

This is a part of his story and an insight behind the scenes.

The Owners Rep in Building an Explorer Yacht

All decisions in yacht building are defined by the compromises made. Each decision has a ripple effect that subsequently affects multiple later choices.

Custom Yacht building is defined by compromises more than other fields of custom building. It has a range of solutions for each issue, depending on at what stage the problem issue surfaced. It can, for example, be an oversight by the designer, a request from the MCA surveyor, an additional feature requested by the Owner, or a recommendation or omission by the yard during a complicated construction process. Most resolutions have several solutions regarding the parties' cost, practicality, and willingness.

Explorer Yacht painted
Artwork of our final color scheme

Benefits of having an owner rep on a new build

Most owners will visit the yard infrequently. This is quite understandable during the initial stages of the build, as most input can be undertaken remotely with a review of systems, equipment specifications, and schematics. As the project passes the 70% stage, there is a constant stream of questions and small daily decisions to be made. At this stage, those decisions define the final build and how close it resembles the Owner's initial concept. I believe on-site attention at this stage (especially around safety) is always too expensive when paying for it. Then it becomes very cheap in hindsight.

Custom Yacht building is defined by compromises more than other fields of custom building. During the design development and alterations during production, each decision will affect residual events. The decision should be considered with such effects in mind.

Building a custom yacht with an owner rep who understands the owners' vision, engineering, production process, and rules and regulations will benefit the project in many ways. It is beneficial for an owner's rep to have offshore sea legs and understand the engineering and production side.

Akan Dumrul - our owners' rep.

Control is an emotive subject. The Owner will exercise control over a project to a limited extent but must also be comfortable delegating daily decisions to the Owner's Rep. This retains momentum. Decisions with any gravitas being elevated as necessary. For that to function, there must be trust within the relationship.

I began learning my trade as a boy racing yachts in the Mediterranean, and finally skipper a family-owned boat through offshore yacht races while in school for mechanical engineering. I also furthered my knowledge as a manufacturing process consultant before my involvement in yacht building. In my 21 years in the yacht building industry, I have worked for yards, helped survey huge yachts and project-managed complex refits. I was an owner's representative on many new build projects.

My background provides me with the resources to access the project, from design to building and sailing in fair and extreme weather. Therefore I know what the sea has to offer and how it can serve up that experience for you in sublime and unwelcome ways. A vessel being "ready" instead of "sea-ready" is not a concept everyone can understand. Given your project completion, the difference will become apparent readily enough.

I aim to add value to your custom build at no minimum cost. Most details of living (surviving) at sea come down to no cost details being thought thru. Considering the manufacturing status, I can guide an owner in getting the most benefit in any situation.

Your Explorer Yacht Build Project

Explorer Yacht wiring
With over 15kM of wiring installed in the hull, keeping track and updated is a full time job..

The best way to control the build is with a general arrangement plan that is continuously updated to inform all parties of the build with each modification and detail the specific installation procedures of each component.

Guiding the client through the decision process of building their dream sometimes requires one to explain to the client that the request is unreasonable and will hurt the overall build. Most yards will not have the vision to direct the Owner in the right direction. As an owner's rep, I always have the freedom to speak my mind to an owner I work for the Owner's benefit.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story. In conclusion, I remind you again of my reflection:

"I believe that safety and build issues are too expensive when you are paying for them and become very cheap if you need them."

Akan Dumrul Bey

Owner Representative at Naval Yachts for the build of Vanguard, our 24M Explorer Yacht

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