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Arksen find their groove!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The following article is reproduced courtesy of John Solomon, Sales Director for Arksen.

Arksen would appear to have found their groove or alternatively that the market has moved and started considering more efficient and capable yachting habits. Either way, well done!  For the Arksen 85, they have announced the launch of Hull No 1 Spring 2022, start of the build of Hull No 2 and Hull No 3 to be completed late 2023.  Their Arksen 45 and 65 are near completion of the design phase with the 75 to follow on as sources allow.  So here is the “hull truth”, so to speak:

Arksen 85 Yacht – In construction

Construction of the first Arksen 85, Project Ocean, is well underway. Her owners will take delivery in May next year and embark upon a three-year world tour. Construction of the second 85 has begun (you can see the jigs laid out on the floor in front of Hull No 1) and a third will follow towards the end of the year. These vessels will be completed in late 2022 and early 2023. This link will take you to the latest official images and videos of Project Ocean at the shipyard.

Additionally, two images taken from the shipyard cameras today are attached. They show Project Ocean and ahead of her, the jig and first few frames of 85-02.

Arksen 75 Yacht – Concept phase

The Arksen 75 has been on pause whilst we dedicate resources to other tasks. During the coming three to four months, we will schedule the next phase of design in the New Product Development (NPD) process and release an update at that time.

Arksen 65 Yacht – Design phase

The Arksen 65 began life as the Arksen 60 Concept. Design is now underway with the current phase being a powering study. This looks at propulsion and hotel/domestic power requirements, efficiency optimisation, fuel consumption, range, and both conventional and hybrid solutions are considered. Construction of the first 65 is likely to begin in April next year meaning that she will be ready for delivery in February 2023.

Arksen 45 Yacht – Design phase

In contrast to the 65, 75 and 85 which are constructed in aluminium, the Arksen 45 is a GRP vessel. Exterior design is complete and therefore manufacturing of the hull, deck and superstructure mould tools is underway whilst we continue with the design of the interior and systems engineering.

Construction of the first vessel is expected to begin in December which means she will be complete in June 2022.

For any further information please contact: John Solomon,

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